The LOFIS Group - Distinguish opportunities, Fulfill aspirations



An international integrated investment organisation combining capital operation and entity management

Lofis Group Company Limited was founded in the Pearl of the Orient. Headquartered in Hong Kong, China, it focuses on development of diversified industries such as real estate development, hotel operation and management, innovation and technology, and recreation and education. It is an international integrated investment organisation combining capital operation and entity management. The group has offices in major cities including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Budapest and Düsseldorf, with over 200 employees.

We will continue to develop and provide more diversified services, offering broader options to cater for each and every client’s unique needs and establishing an investment network that covers the globe. Our business footprint will keep expanding - regions like southeast Asia and Europe will also be the Lofis Group’s new focal points.



Maximising asset value

The Lofis Group fields a team of seasoned research and development experts with nearly 20 years of global diversified investment experience. With enormous financial power and operation capacity, they proactively explore and upgrade premium assets, integrating their global diversified investment insights with local investment management experience. Persistent with pursuing diversified and international product development, the team is determined to make the investment group a unicorn company in various domains.



The financial market is ever-changing. The Chinese economy is experiencing a key phase of transformation and development - industrial change and structural adjustment have become the new normal of economic development. The Lofis Group will leverage its own integrated investment development capabilities to develop a full-industry chain strategy and expand its business to multiple domains with the basis of its core business. Through participating in the government guiding fund, we will continue to invest ample resources into emerging industries and key areas to help the country’s new economic development in the new era.



Corporate Social Responsibilities

LOFIS Group actively fulfils our corporate social responsibility, caring for our staff, customers, partners and the public, so as to achieve sustainable development with all our stakeholders. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, LOFIS Group has quickly moved under the leadership of Chairman Simon Zhao Xinxing and Executive Director Wu Jiaxing to support the epidemic prevention and control work. On February 7 this year, our group donated RMB$10 million through the China Star Light Charity Fund Association to purchase a large amount of medical protective materials to support epidemic fighting in Wuhan and other areas.